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Oh Baby!  Bump & Beyond...



You now have a complete solution to safely and gently restore your body, mind, and soul for post-baby life!

The First and Only Complete 6-Week Program Built to Guide New Moms Through the Changes of Motherhood Into a New Life of Energy, Love, and Leadership at Home

A Six-Week Guided Online Program With
Ariane Hundt, Clinical Nutritionist (M.S.) & Fitness Expert

Ariane Hundt Oh Baby Collage_Slim & Stro


Pregnancy, childbirth, babies & toddlers; 

you're a mom for life.  Now What?

Where do YOU fit into all of this ~

time, self-care, sleep, eating right, exercise, mindset, balancing the new family lifestyle?

Slim & Strong Moms will cover:

  • Nutrition

  • Fitness

  • Recovery after birth

  • Heal your abs and pelvic floor

  • Rebalancing Your Hormones

  • Metabolism

  • Mindset

  • Breastfeeding

  • Sleep Deprivation

  • Social aspects of being a new mom


And You'll Have An Amazing Group Of Moms To Connect & Share It All!

When You Join The Waitlist You'll

Receive a FREE 4-Week Workout Plan

A 6-Week Guided Online Program for New Moms
With Ariane Hundt, Clinical Nutritionist (M.S.) & Fitness Expert

Here’s a little secret: working out intensely an hour a day is not nearly as effective as moving all day long. Moms don’t sit down all day - best cardio ever!  ~ Ariane Hundt

There is no way to be a perfect mother, but a million ways to be a great one. Your children don't want a perfect mom, they want a happy & healthy mom.






Women Are NEVER Properly Prepared

for the Reality of Motherhood


Did you know that the current “medical process” for recovering from childbirth is actually putting your physical and emotional health in danger for the rest of your life?

The shocking reality for a new mom is that there is no formal post-pregnancy process at all!

New moms get ONE 6-week check-up that covers the bare minimum of making sure you don’t completely fall apart.

Aside from that one doctor’s appointment, you are expected  to know it all on your own!

There are no books or advice that can prepare you for the unexpected mental, physical, emotional, and social costs of bringing a new child into the world.

In fact, if you rely on books and mainstream advice...

you may get caught in an unwanted cycle of body fat storage and negative thought patterns for the remainder of your life! (Even if you have always been super physically fit!)

So how do you even begin to make a healthy adjustment to life as a mother?

After giving birth to two boys and dealing with all these challenges myself, 

I’m here to help you understand your body and give you the blueprint you need to be the fit, healthy, and happy mom you can be.


And the solution to all the “new mom problems” aren’t what you think.

But before we get into the details…

Wow! You’re a Mom...And It’s Permanent!

“Why didn’t anyone tell me this? Am I a bad person for feeling this way and having these thoughts?”


After I had my first son…

I realized that I wasn’t prepared at all to deal with the new challenges of being a mother. Despite reading a lot in preparation. 

I knew it wouldn’t be easy…

But I never knew I would feel so alone, confused, and helpless with my emotions.

One minute I would be happy and in love with my beautiful baby…

The next minute I was in tears for some silly reason like my husband forgot to vacuum!

My life had become all about my baby and I wasn't able to identify what I needed to feel better.

I started to feel ugly emotions bubble up that made me ashamed and guilty.

Society tells us that good mothers are supposed to be selfless and sacrifice EVERYTHING for their children without complaints.

But there I was with my beautiful baby in my arms...

Feeling resentful and jealous of my husband for “getting to go to work” and having a life outside of the house!

Were these dark, unhappy thoughts and uncontrollable emotions normal?


Or was I just not cut-out to be a mom?

What You Feel is Normal…Most Moms Go Through It

Whatever thoughts, pains, and problems you are dealing with - they are very common.

Actually... most moms catch themselves thinking at least some of the following:

  • It’s selfish to feel like I’m missing out on life and want someone to care of me instead of my baby. Does that make me a bad mom?

  • Is it normal to still be bleeding? I can’t call my doctor with 100 questions.

  • I have ZERO sex drive and I feel so uncomfortable with everything that’s happening with my body. Is anyone else dealing with this?

  • There is no time to work out and I’m not even sure if it would be safe

  • I have NO IDEA what I’m doing!

  • Will I ever get my own life again?

  • I don’t feel connected with my partner anymore. It’s all about the baby!

  • Will I have the body I want ever again?

  • I feel so alone… how can I have a social life?

  • My single friends just don’t understand what I’m going through. I feel like I’m losing them!

  • I’m so exhausted… will this ever get better?

Why Moms Struggle Post Baby…

For something as rewarding as having a baby… it’s HARD WORK!

But there is a reason why women have such a difficult time adjusting to life after pregnancy:

  • Your body has made many adjustments to ensure that your baby is protected and then delivered safely.

  • Your organs and abs have rearranged and have been pushed to their limits.

  • Your hormones have drastically changed to deal with the physical tax of carrying a child.

  • Emotions run high because you are designed to be reactive to protect your newborn at all costs.




What does that all mean?

It means that if you go straight back to CrossFit, spin class, yoga, or running after having your baby (even if the doctor says it’s OK), 

you risk serious health issues that can affect you years later. You may keep putting on the pounds despite your best efforts to lose them!

Tack on the stress of baby on a relationship, the exhaustion, breastfeeding, and hormonal mood swings…

And you are struggling with the imbalance as you try to figure out how to take care of yourself, your baby, and manage your relationships all on your own!

So what can we do to make sure that doesn’t happen?

There is No Such Thing as Being a Perfect Mom… But there is A Way to be a Great Mom

Here’s How You’re Going to Get There….

I’m excited to announce that I've created a program specifically to help new moms recover properly, re-balance their hormones, and build an unbreakable spirit that their children will model in their own lives as they grow.

Introducing the latest evolution of my acclaimed Slim & Strong Program: 


The only comprehensive 6 Week Solution to Post-Pregnancy Life.

And be ready. Because Slim & Strong isn’t just a standard “workout group”

We build a bonded community  that walks alongside you through the exhaustion and confusion that comes with being a new mom.

If you are looking for a video style workout plan or just some basic advice, then this program is not for you!

Slim & Strong Moms is only for women who are open to healing, growing, and contributing to a community of like-minded ladies who all want to find solutions, abandon perfection, and come out stronger on the other side!

Helping you transform into the best and most balanced person you can be is what I'm most passionate about. 


Let's forever change how you approach motherhood:

We will:


  • Assess the state of your body (Ab separation, Pelvic Floor strength, Posture) so you can tailor the workouts, diet, and mindset to your unique needs and ensure safe and total physical recovery

  • Transition your body out of “birth mode” to avoid the physical and sexual health dangers of returning to regular workouts like CrossFit, spin, weightlifting, yoga, and pilates too soon

  • Develop balanced and sustainable nutrition habits that will make you the Slim & Strong mom for life! 

  • Discover how postpartum hormones can cause fat storage no matter how much you exercise  

  • Learn how to balance  the inevitable off-the-wall emotions that can have a disastrous impact on your relationship with your spouse, friends, and new or existing children if not addressed properly

  • Use our supportive and knowledgeable Slim & Strong community to address feelings of isolation and guilt (Because it’s natural to feel sorry for yourself sometimes!)

  • Understand how to lead at home and set the example for your kids through structure, self-care, and positive energy

  • Use psychologically proven techniques to revamp your belief system so your children and family grow stronger through you and your new Mindset

  • Kick postpartum depression’s a**!

Let's Avoid the Mistakes Many New Moms Make

Whether it’s your first child or fifth…

I will guide you through the steps week by week.


The workouts, nutrition advice, hormone rebalancing strategies, and mindset techniques are science-based and have helped thousands of women transition their fitness, mindset, and hormones from extreme or unbalanced...


To balanced, beautiful, and full of energy.


And as a mom of two young boys…

I practice what I preach and have transformed my life and relationships because of it!

Here’s How You Can Get Started!

You probably want to know what you get, how you sign up, and how it works. 


What You get:

  • 6 weeks of quick (4-20 minutes) postpartum specific workouts proven to restore your body and shape

  • Nutrition education to burn off the “Mum Tum” by working with the unique and complicated postpartum metabolism (and help you sustain your body and energy for the rest of your life)

  • Mindset reprogramming to leave behind feelings of depression, shame, and guilt while you rebalance your hormones and step into your new, fulfilling life as an all-star mom.

  • Access to our private Slim & Strong Moms Facebook group to assist you with breastfeeding issues, sleep deprivation, emotional support, social life guidance  (NOTHING is off limits in the Slim & Strong Community)

  • How to balance your relationship, social life, and “me time” while still being an amazing mom that sets a positive example for her kids!


Join other moms who have been able to transform themselves after baby.


They didn't just change their diet and workouts. They also changed their relationship to themselves, food and self-care and have created habits for life.  

Let's show other moms that it is possible to achieve a fit and strong body, have boundless energy, and be the role model your children need.

If you have any questions before you sign up for the program, send me an email. 

I am here to guide you to your best self. 


Cheers, Ariane










WORK WITH YOUR HORMONES |  We'll dig deep into how your hormones play a big part in fat loss, metabolism, nutrition, etc.  You will learn how to balance all of this effectively & with success!


WORKOUTS  |  My workouts are super effective at shaping your body and defining your muscle tone. The workouts range in length from 4-20 minutes a day and don't require a gym. 

NUTRITION  Everything You Need To "ACE" ~ Appetite + Cravings + Energy ~ Your Mind, Body + Spirit. No dieting needed, but only effective fat loss strategies.

MINDSET  |  Become aware of your subconscious programming and rewrite it so your new habits last a lifetime.

CONNECT . INSPIRE . CHEER . SHARE |  Being home alone with two little ones has made me feel a bit isolated at times. We all have the same challenges, (besides piles of laundry that never end) around self care. Ask questions, share your best tips and tricks and feel free to vent (hey, good days and not so fab days are normal).  You Have A Great Support Group to share, inspire & cheer you on. There is power in numbers so ask your mom-friends to join you!



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