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Is That One-Size-Fits-All Diet Working For You?

How is Slim & Strong Online different from other programs?

Great question and I’m glad you asked!

Many of my clients have done a number of one-size-fits-all programs: Weight Watchers, Kayla Itsines’ workout program, Whole 30… And, they do well on it. For a while. And then they go back to their old ways. But, the idea of a program isn’t to help you be perfect for a few weeks.

A program should teach you important steps that you can incorporate to change your life!  After all, you want your body to look different for good, not just for 30 days, right?

Diet programs or workout programs are one-size-fits-all. They give you a specific prescription and everyone who does the program is supposed to do the exact same workout and eat the exact same food to see the exact same results. How does that make sense if we are all different? We all have different genetics, stress levels, emotions, triggers, metabolisms and different hormonal situations. How can someone promise you the exact same results as them?

But, you’re not a lab rat or live in a plastic bubble. You live in the real world and that’s where challenges exist that diet programs don’t teach you how to handle:

  • Eating out socially

  • Adapting your food and workouts according to your hormonal situation (menopause, breastfeeding, pregnancy, stressful times, sleep deprivation, being a new mom, menstrual cycle changes - all require a tweak in food and exercise)

  • Sugar cravings

  • Emotional cravings (boredom, stress, procrastination, loneliness…)

  • Type A personality

  • Work stress and long hours - food at work

  • Sleep issues

  • Handling health issues (digestion, thyroid, brain/mood, immune system)

  • How to undo an overindulgence (starting on Monday with the next diet is NOT the answer)

  • How do you stop beating yourself up after less than ideal food choices

  • What’s the difference between emotional hunger and physical hunger?

  • How do you respond to people who criticize your food choices?

  • How do you handle feedback from others (you’re getting too skinny…you’re not eating enough… why are you dieting…?)

  • How to indulge without letting it derail you or throw you into regression...

That’s where I come in.

Learn how to succeed in the real world: I want to help you succeed in the real world. I want to help you go from being nervous about eating out with friends to feeling relaxed and in charge of your choices.

Know the right workout: I want you to go from unsure of what workout to do and when to knowing exactly what the right kind of workout is and all with minimal time investments.

Deal with the challenges: I want you to understand why you sometimes get ravenously hungry, have intense cravings or see a drop in your energy. I want you to know how to handle these challenges, not cave in to them.

Change your mindset: Learn how to stop the constant food obsession chatter in the head. Stop thoughts of self-sabotage that derail you as soon as you make progress.

Live your life. Don’t put it on hold because of a ‘diet’: I want you to feel relaxed, balanced and in charge of your body and health. I want you to look forward to the times in life that bring excitement - weddings, travel, work events, family outings - and not dread them because they mean you have to throw all your diet rules overboard.

Don’t wait for the perfect moment to start: See, people often think they need to set aside a time that allows them to be perfect. They wait until after vacation to start that diet instead of learning how to use that vacation time to return feeling better.

“I want to start that diet after that wedding because at the wedding I won’t be able to control myself and I want to have some fun.”
“I will wait to start that workout program because right now I just don’t have the time to work out every day.”

Changes happen AS you live your life. Not when you’re on a diet.

After completing my Slim & Strong Program you will enjoy being at a wedding because you make choices that are in line with your goals AND you will enjoy yourself at the wedding because you’ll leave feeling good.

What do you have to commit to? You will invest a little bit of time every day to complete a short and effective workout that will leave your metabolism revved up for up to 48 hours after you’re done. How’s that for burning fat while you sleep?

And, you’ll learn about all these little secret hacks that most diet plans don’t tell you about to speed up fat loss, look leaner, tighter and stronger. For example, my quickie fat loss hack of sometimes having a shake for dinner. Or, using intermittent fasting at the right time and frequency. Or, skipping a workout for sleep when you’ve had a stressful day or erratic sleep schedule.

“The Slim and Strong Program has been the ultimate learning journey for not just my body but mind too. This program has pulled me away from the all or nothing mindset that I have struggled with for majority of time and redirected my focus on balance. Being amongst other women who have the same concerns, struggles and goals showed me that I am not alone in this lifestyle journey and has been an extra cushion while navigating through the mindset shift. I have lost 45 pounds since the start of this journey and gone down 3-4 jean sizes. I am fitting into sizes I never have before but it is not just about the clothes fitting. I am feeling more confident in my food choices and have seen that making clean eating choices and manageable workouts are what my body has needed.
No one is perfect and I have definitely learned that with 2 slim and strong’s under my belt but I am doing my best to trust the journey and understanding that this will not be an overnight change but a lifestyle I want to commit to forever. Not saying it is easy and the challenges to dig deep into the mind can be scary but there is something to it. None of this could have happened without Ariane’s guidance and support along the way - she makes herself available and knows when to hold that mirror up ;) sending out emails at just the right time as if she can read your mind and concerns, educating you along the way.
Ariane, you are amazing at what you do.” - G. F.

See, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. But, there is a way to learn the right approach for YOU.  

When You’ve Completed The 6 Weeks of Slim & Strong...

You’ll be working WITH your body, not against it anymore. You’ll see fat loss, lean muscle definition, increased energy, improved digestion and sleep, improved skin tone, a significant reduction of appetite and sugar cravings, and a much calmer mind as it relates to food and your body.

So, what do you say?

Are you ready to learn what works?

I cannot wait to work with you.


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