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  • My Classic Weekly Workout Cheat Sheets for 12 weeks that include quick, simple workout videos, proven to get you leaner, stronger and more defined
  • Essential knowledge on how to work with your hormones that will guarantee you never have to try another diet or workout program ever again
  • Learn how to match your nutrition to your workouts
  • Biohacking tips to effectively deal with physical and emotional stress (And not let it ruin your day)
  • Options to customize each workout based on your unique metabolism and hormonal situation (understand what to do in menopause, peri-menopause, as new mom, as stressed out New Yorker....)



What equipment do I need? 

A set of dumbbells and your own body. 


For what level are the workouts? 

They start out with basic, yet challenging workouts, and progress weekly. The workouts are for all levels and ideally suited for the beginner and even a seasoned athlete looking to create more balance in their physique and workout routine. 


I'm currently working out an hour a day. Will cutting down so much make me gain weight? 

If you're not currently seeing any changes even with spending so much time working out, chances are your workout isn't the right workout for you. The program will help you find the right workout for you and allow you to see changes in much less time, but more quality. Most people who no longer see changes from their workouts are overdoing the exercise or choosing the wrong type. The program will help you see changes again with much less time investment. 


You mention the workouts match our unique metabolism and hormones. Can you explain what that means? 

Workouts need to be customized to one's metabolism and hormones to be effective and to continue to produce results. A woman who is in menopause requires a different type of intensity and type of workout than someone in their 20s. A new mom requires yet a different approach from someone who doesn't experience any stress effects. The program will help you understand your needs and match your workout and nutrition accordingly. 


Do you provide individualized coaching in this program? 

No. The one-on-one coaching is part of my private client work and my Slim & Strong program only. 


Do you provide a diet along with the program? 

You will receive education on how to match your workouts to your nutrition. You will receive basic nutrition suggestions to boost fat loss.


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