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Nine days into my programs my detoxers see noticeable improvements, such as improved energy, deeper sleep, lack of food and sugar cravings, improved digestion, better concentration and softer, dewy skin.

Our diet has a lot to do with the way your skin looks. Put to use these simple steps that will get your skin healthy, glowing and balanced:

1. SKIP SUGAR.  Sugar is one of the most inflammatory foods in our diet. Eat sugar and you're sending your insulin levels skyrocketing. High insulin levels increase inflammation in the body and any inflammatory processes will be exacerbated. Breakouts, acne, joint pain, arthritis, psoriasis and also the deeper inflammatory issues, such as heart disease and diabetes are magnified. Inflammation creates the breeding ground for disease. When you get rid of sugar in your diet (think anything processed and white), you're allowing your body to get back to its baseline state of health and you no longer drive inflammation in your body. Acne and breakouts can clear up when your diet is clean and balanced.

2. DRINK LOTS OF WATER. Hydration is key if you want to have soft, dewy skin. Being dehydrated dries your skin, makes you sluggish, and prevents your cells from turning over as fast as they should. Up your water game and supplement regular water with Gerolsteiner Mineral Water 3X a day to reduce stomach acid and boost calcium and magnesium absorption.

3. EAT GOOD FATS.  Salmon, mackerel, herring, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado, nuts - all good fats that help your skin stay well hydrated. A lack of good fats in your diet can show as dry and flaky skin. Salmon and Krill oil (Omega-3-Fatty Acids) are especially beneficial in helping your cell membranes stay moist. Take 2-3 grams of omega-3 fatty acids daily in fish oil form and you'll notice an improvement within 2-3 weeks.

4. DRY BRUSH YOUR SKIN. Your cells are supposed to turn over at a certain rate, but sometimes you may be too dehydrated for that to happen. Use a dry brush and brush your skin before your shower from toes to head - in the direction towards your heart. Use gentle, circular motions to help your skin exfoliate, then shower and moisturize when done. The result: soft and healthy skin without dry patches.

5. EAT YOUR VEGGIES. This is a no-brainer. Your skin needs nutrients and a diet high in sugar and starch won't supply that, but rather deplete your body of essential nutrients. My NutriBullet Detox participants always notice the impact of the load of veggies they eat within only 3-5 days. Eat your veggies as salads, snacks, roast them, incorporate them into your breakfast omelette or frittata and drink them in your NutriBullet smoothies.

6. ELIMINATE DAIRY. Many people respond with breakouts around the chin and cheek area after eating dairy. Not only does dairy contain lactose, a milk sugar that can cause insulin levels to rise, but dairy can also create hormonal fluctuations if you don't buy organic. Keep in mind that dairy is not necessarily the best way to get your calcium. In fact, dairy consumption can deplete the bones of calcium the high phosphorus content can prevent calcium absorption. You can get your daily calcium needs met by eating dark, leafy vegetables, such as kale, and eat sardines, sesame seeds, almonds, and oatmeal to get your fill.

6. RESTORE YOUR SKIN FROM THE INSIDE OUT Acupuncture and Chinese medicine approaches can help rebalance your body from the inside out to restore healthy energy flow and beautiful skin. My friend Stefanie DiLibero of Gotham Wellness has mastered this holistic treatment approach and combines the best of all approaches in her Soho practice. You can also follow her @gotham_wellness

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