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How is it possible that with so little exercise I feel better than ever?

years ago...

I used to teach 14 classes a week. They were intense balls-to-the-wall HIIT workouts. My fitness was at an all-time high, but I used to battle a raging appetite, fight intense sugar cravings and felt exhausted all the time. I was storing excess fat in my hips, butt and thighs and started to develop a belly pouch despite all that exercise!

Now, I do about 45-90 minutes of focused strength training A WEEK. My appetite is very balanced, sugar cravings rare and my energy is great. I feel the most balanced I’ve ever felt because I feel in tune with my body and know how to manage it based on what it needs. Yet, I've never worked out less. 

How is it possible that with so little exercise I feel better than ever?

How is it possible that working out that much didn’t give me the perfect body fat percentage? 


I overdid a good thing. I ate too little for the amount of exercise I did and didn't implement any recovery. I followed the good old model of: work your butt off and eat very little. 

Over time my metabolism was ruined. Now, years later, I have found the least amount of exercise required to feel strong, along with the smartest nutrition strategies that allow me to never be hungry. And, I know to spot the signs when my workouts, nutrition or recovery strategies need redirection. I don't follow. one-size-fits-all approach. I don't count calories or macros. I don't kill myself with workouts. I actually eat more than I used to eat in my 20s. I sleep about 3 hours more than I used to years ago, and I am acutely aware of the signs my body gives me when something's out of balance. 

That's what I want YOU to learn

in my Slim & Strong Program as well. 

This 6-week program will teach you the key strategies to master your own metabolism. I will guide you to learn the basics of nutrition so you will never have to diet again. Instead, we will create a nutritional lifestyle without deprivation.

You will learn what workouts will produce a lean and strong body in the shortest time possible, and you will understand why your past efforts may have backfired. 

And, we will address the most commonly held beliefs that prevent you from being your best self. 

Here's an update from one of my amazing participants, Camila, who started Slim & Strong exactly one year ago. 

"It's been one year since I joined the Slim and Strong Program, a decision that has changed my life forever. A few months after my son was born, postpartum hit me hard. My energy and confidence were at an all-time low, my weight and tiredness was at an all-time high. All my time and energy was spent on the family.
The nutrition education of Slim and Strong, combined with 20-min short and powerful workouts and solid motivational advice helped me see improvements on a weekly basis. 
To this day I keep the 80/20 formula of clean eating and 20 minutes of strength training exercise daily, with one rest day a week. I found new and old passions that are keeping me motivated. I am happy to say that I achieved a new milestone by competing in my first race last weekend. I signed up for it one week in advance and didn't train for it.  I finished 3rd with a Bronze medal in the Spartan Race at West Point!"

Camila's story is truly incredible

I'm in awe of what Camila's done to her body, her mindset and how she's created a lifestyle she will keep up. I know she will never go back to her old ways because she now lives and breathes fitness. 


I hope you'll join our amazing group of women

who are looking to feel better, look better

& make the next year YOUR best year yet. 

Are You Ready? 





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