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I often get sore after my workouts. I usually just get sore after trying a new workout or after taking a long break but since I've been pushing it a bit more to get ready for a marathon and taking more boot camp and spinning classes, my soreness has increased. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can reduce soreness?
Thanks, Tanja



There are quite a few things you can do to prevent muscle soreness. You can be proactive or you can wait until the soreness kicks in and then address it. Here are my top 6 tips: 

1. DON'T LET YOUR BODY GET SORE. Muscle soreness onset happens typically 24 hours after a workout. Make sure you move your body with similar moves within that time frame to stay loose and prevent the muscles from stiffening up. Do some light cardio, squats, push ups and move the same muscle groups worked in your workout - just more gently. 

2. TAKE AN EPSOM SALT BATH. The minerals (magnesium especially) help your muscles relax and rebalance electrolyte imbalances and also draw excess water from the water, thereby preventing swelling. 

3. EAT ANTI-INFLAMMATORY FOODS. Eating fatty fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon, fish, mackerel, herring, shrimp and scallop or walnuts and flax seeds ensure that the inflammatory response in your body is moderated. Omega-3s from fish oil supplements also keep arthritis and joint pain in check. 

4. TAKE AN ICE BATH. Extreme endurance events, such as half-marathons, marathons, or triathlons call for an ice bath immediately after the event. Dipping the body in ice cold water ensures that the inflammation response doesn't kick in to the degree it would if the body's temperature stayed elevated. 

5. TAKE A NATURAL ANTI-INFLAMMATORY. Eating curry/turmeric and capsaicin ensures that the body's natural inflammation response is moderated. These 3 natural supplements are game changers for reducing inflammation and joint pain:

  • NEW CHAPTER'S ZYFLAMEND contains 12 ant-inflammatory herbs that help keep inflammation and soreness at bay and reduce joint pain.

  • WOBENZYM is a powerful supplement that reduces joint pain and inflammation and also aids your digestion.

  • PHENOCANE is excellent for endurance athletes or very active people who need to recover from workouts faster by reducing inflammation.

6. USE A FOAM ROLLER. Work the area that is tightest with the foam roller and keep working on the area with slow and steady movements. The foam roller helps your facia relax, which then allows your muscles to relax more. While uncomfortable, it really does the trick for tight and fatigued muscles. 


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