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In this 5-day Detox I'll guide you through the 5 most important steps you can take to lose bloat, boost your health and immune system, kickstart fat loss, reduce inflammation and pain, aging and stress and improve your mental well-being. 




  • Key nutrition steps to kickstart the detox

  • Daily email with the workout of the day

  • Daily educational and inspirational email, covering issues, such as:

    • Fruit – detox friend or foe?

    • How do you stimulate phases of detoxification?

    • How to identify what you’re allergic to

    • Worst effects of sugar

    • Eliminating foods that are linked to inflammation, water retention, weight gain, and metabolic issues. 

    • The effects of fruit on fat loss

    • Dealing with cravings so they don’t derail you

    • Long-lasting effects of stress and how it’s linked to fertility issues, weight gain, stubborn body fat, immune system dysfunction, autoimmune disease, digestion issues, premature aging, and PCOS to name just a few.


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