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As with the basic Slim & Strong Program you will receive daily emails and weekly workout cheat sheets, along with the private coaching of Ariane Hundt, Clinical Nutritionist (M.S.) & Fitness Expert, in our private Facebook group, where all your questions will get answered.




Each workout is 25 minutes or less, designed to build strength, shred fat and build lean muscle definition. We’ll be using the most effective routines to maximize your results in record time: strength training, metabolic conditioning, and HIIT. The workouts will progress from pure body-weight workouts to using dumbbells to the Slim & Strong resistance bands. The workouts will be delivered as videos that you can do at the gym, outside or at home. 


FAT LOSS NUTRITION THAT WORKS | Nourish your body, repair your gut, align your hormones. Get the most effective strategies via email, and video format to teach you the essentials of a fat burning diet.


METABOLISM EDUCATION  |  Is my metabolism damaged?  How do I repair it? What caused this and how do I prevent it from happening again? 


MINDSET COACHING |  A healthy relationship with food and your body starts with the mind. I will coach you towards a balanced and healthy lifestyle, so you can end dieting, forget about perfectionism and start enjoying life. 


FAT-BURNING RECIPES |  From smoothies to snacks and meals that are quick to make & taste delicious.


PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP  |  A motivating and inspiring private Facebook group to connect with your fellow badass Slim & Strong women. Use the power of connecting with like-minded women whom all want to up-level their life. Imagine the power!


FINE TUNE YOUR APPROACH  |  Learn how to fine-tune your approach: No single approach works for everyone, but I'll teach you how to apply the core principles and how to adjust them for your own optimal success.




WEEK 1. Review of what you learned in the Basic Slim & Strong program
WEEK 2. Metabolic matching of workouts 
WEEK 3. Biohacking - the most effective practices to speed up fat loss and muscle definition
WEEK 4. The Power of Your Mind: How to change your bad habits for good and master any food challenge
WEEK 5. Challenge Week: Demonstrate what you've learned with these fun challenges!

WEEK 6. Your Future Game Plan: Workouts, emotions, food, supplements, your future body plan


  • NOTE:  You will receive DAILY EMAILS + a set of BLUE RESISTANCE BANDS, so please be sure to provide the correct delivery information (mailing address + email address) so you receive everything. 

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