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WOW! So many of you have joined my Online Video Workout Channel!

I can wait to show you what incredible changes you can create with just a few minutes a day.

I want to introduce you to an incredible woman who did the September Slim & Strong program & lost close to 30 lbs.

Take a look at the changes! 

I could tell you it was her diet. I could also tell you it was her workouts. The truth is that her mindset change was the game changer.

You see, when I met her, she was not feeling so great about herself because she had gained most of the weight after her son was born. She was planning on starting a very regimented running program with a diet. I'm really glad I could convince her to join Slim & Strong because the running and restriction wouldn't have been good for her post-baby stressed out body. 

Would you like to know what mindset changes I'm talking about that are such game changers?  

Let me explain...

OUR ACTIONS ARE THE RESULTS OF OUR THOUGHTS. If you believe you're not good enough for a job promotion, you won't be putting yourself forward and miss out on an opportunity you may actually be right for. If you believe you have to go to extremes to lose weight, you'll sign up for some intense cleanse or some ridiculous workout program and won't last because it's impossible to keep up with it for life. 

OUR BELIEFS SHAPE OUR BEHAVIOR. When I show you these incredible transformations of people in my Slim & Strong program, you can be sure that they made some big-time changes in their mindset that then affected how they view food, exercise, and their own body. My goal is to move my participants out of the diet mindset and into an athlete mindset. An athlete focuses on performance. They use food as fuel and not as emotional band-aid. They exercise to see positive improvements in their body's performance, not to lose weight or burn off excess calories. Dieters focus on restriction, calories burned and exercising as much as possible because they think it's about calories...

What are these 'dieter mindset' beliefs we tackle in the program?

Let me share a few of the classic ones: 

  • Diet Mindset: I have to deprive myself of indulgences to see results. I have to count calories or track nutrients. I have to work off more calories than I eat to lose weight. 

  • How That Shapes Your Behavior: You will deprive yourself for a while, but then feel so one-sided and restricted, you'll binge on a box of cookies. You may regret it, you may feel guilty and then resolve to start another diet on Monday. You'll either be on a diet or living on the opposite spectrum. 

How the program changes your mindset: 

Athlete Mindset: Results happen with balanced choices that work for me.

How That Shapes Your Behavior: You will indulge here and there at a level where you feel enjoyment, but not stall your own progress. No guilt. No regret. Just continuous change. 


Diet Mindset: I ate too much, so I have to work it off now with some intense workouts. 

How To Shape Your Mindset: You focus on calories in vs calories out (which is so 1980s...) and struggle with appetite pangs, sugar cravings and low energy. There's guilt, a sense of regret and you're likely to wonder why you don't see any progress. Your body doesn't change because you can't work off excess food in the gym. 

Athlete Mindset: I had too much food to eat last night because I waited too long to eat, so that made me too hungry. Today I will focus on eating lots of fibrous veggies with protein to rebalance my blood sugar. I'll be more active today to get back into fat-burning mode. Next time I'll keep a snack in my bag to avoid going for 6 hours without food. I tune into what my body needs and adjust accordingly. 

Want to get started on creating that athlete's mindset?


Here Are My Top 3 Tips To

Enjoy Your Holidays

1) Recognize the effects: When you indulge in a creamy dairy dessert and as a result get breakouts or terrible digestion or bloated, recognize the effects of your choice. Look at it purely from a clinical perspective, rather than a judgmental one where you beat yourself up. Understand that the dessert didn't make you feel better, but worse and then let that inform your decisions next time you're out at dinner. Will it make you feel better? Enjoy. If not, order tea, coffee or have a little bite from someone else. 

2) Drop the guilt and move on: I don't know many guys who eat too much and then go: "I can't believe I ate that. I feel so gross. I'm going to have to hit the gym a bit harder tonight. I will start a diet on Monday. I'm so fat", but I know a lot of women who go down that rabbit hole. The more guilt you attach to your choices and the more time you spend regretting it, the worse your choices become afterwards. The guiltier you feel, the tougher your punishment: a cleanse, a crazy 10 mile run...?  Either you'll continue to binge or you will restrict in an extreme way to make up for it. Neither is sustainable, so my advice is: have the indulgence, make up for it and then move on. Also,why would you regret having a whole container of x-mas cookies if you actually CHOSE it in the first place? Why regret something you chose to do?

3) Keep it to twice a week: If you indulge more than twice a week or with more than two big meals a week, you won't see any fat burning progress. Instead, tune in, assess at what level a treat is 'enjoyment' and at what tipping point you're feeling 'punished; by the aftereffects. Find the tipping point and live beneath the threshold. 



We'll be spending the holidays with my in-laws and my mom. I'm sure I'll be enjoying some special treats and making up for them by either skipping breakfast or a meal or walking a lot more or working out, or perhaps skipping all starches for a day or two.

There are so many ways to keep in balance and I hope you'll find yours. 

SLIM & STRONG BASIC | JANUARY Before I head off, I wanted to make sure you are aware of my JANUARY SLIM & STRONG PROGRAM which starts Monday, January 7th.  Slim & Strong is unlike any other program out there. You'll be guided through a 6-week program, along with other women, to understand how to get lean, fit and strong.  TAKE ADVANTAGE OF A LIMITED TIME OFFER OF $147 Sign up by December 26th to get the discount of $147.

On December 26th the price changes to $197. The number of spots is limited, so I can give you my attention in our private Facebook group. Make sure you sign up asap and secure your spot.  SLIM & STRONG 2.0 IS NOW OPEN SLIM & STRONG ALUMNI


We will be stepping it up in this program with increased weight & intensity.

Program Starts January 7th, 2019

Wishing you a wonderful X-mas and Holiday time! Ariane

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