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How many signs of METABOLIc damage do you experience?

Metabolic damage, body fat defined & weight loss...

Whenever I get an inquiry about one-on-one nutrition coaching from a woman who used to do Weight Watchers (WW), I have the following thoughts:

  • She'll likely have a high body fat percentage (WW participants often lose a lot of muscle due to lack of protein, low calorie intake and lack of strength training).

  • She is probably pear-shaped - has a bigger bottom and a skinny top (because with that type of diet she'll switch on fat storage in her lower body and speed up fat loss in the upper body). I'm not body-shaming here. Our body shape reveals whether our hormones are balanced or not, so a pear shape tells me that hormones aren't properly balanced.

  • She'll probably be focused on the number on the scale and into counting mode (points, calories...)

  • She'll probably measure progress solely on the scale (rather than looking at inches lost, body fat reduced, metabolic health and symptoms of metabolic damage being resolved, such as cravings, a raging appetite, digestive issues, sleep issues, etc).

I've come to have these expectations based on hundreds of WW people I've counseled and worked with over the years. These 'symptoms' are also common among those who have tried to lose weight by:

  • Choosing exercise that is very intense paired with little food (too much CrossFit, spinning, HIIT or boot camp for their current metabolic and hormonal makeup)

  • Women who are constantly dieting with periods of binge-eating

  • Workouts that are primarily cardio-focused without the balance of strength training

Of course it's not their fault that they think that way and have those results. After all, the whole diet and fitness industry is set up to teach you that you need to work out like crazy and eat like a mouse to see results. But because I myself have fallen prey to this diet model in my younger adult life I don't want others to have to go through the years of struggle and dieting and metabolic damage I went through. It's mentally and physically exhausting to follow diets and intense workout programs when they don't pay off, isn't it...?

The reason I created my Online Slim & Strong Program is to educate my clients on all things metabolism, fat loss, nutrition and exercise. I want people be in charge of their bodies and shape, to see results and to keep them. And, most importantly, to change our relationship to food, exercise and our own bodies into a healthy and balanced one.

Can You Check Off 6 or More Of These Symptoms?

  • Are you waking up in the middle of the night regularly - between 1 and 4am - and are unable to fall back asleep?

  • Do you have intense cravings for starches and sweets?

  • Have you been unable to lose weight despite a clean diet and exercise?

  • Have you noticed weight gain, especially around your belly area, hips, thighs, butt (bubble-butt), upper back - a more bloated type of weight gain?

  • Do you feel bloated and puffy in the face and body?

  • Is your appetite hard to control at lot of the time?

  • Has your digestion changed despite no change in diet (constipation, diarrhea, gas, gurgling, bloating)?

  • Do you have digestive issues after eating?

  • Has your cycle changed (irregular, missing, difficulty conceiving)?

  • Do you feel low on energy physically but mentally wired as if on 5 cups of coffee?

  • Has your mood changed - anxiety, depression, anger... for no good reason?

  • Have your thyroid values changed?

  • Have you gone through a period of intense physical stress or emotional stress (including have you started an intense workout program after periods of doing nothing)?

  • Do you feel physically exhausted rather than refreshed after working out?

  • Are you getting sick more frequently?

  • Do you have joint pain or general aches in your body?

If you experience more than 6 of these, then you are showing signs of metabolic damage:

Slim & Strong Is Designed To Repair Your Metabolism

This program has been especially popular with women who have damaged their metabolism. Many years ago (before I had a thorough understanding of hormones and metabolism) I went through the same (read about it) and had to piece a program together that helped me regain myself. These pictures

Typically these issues are more common in Type A personalities. Those that think 'more is better' when it comes to exercise, who push themselves to the brink of exhaustion and don't take the time to recover. In order for your metabolism to function properly again, for your hormones to be balanced, a comprehensive program is necessary, which incorporates proper nutrition, the right kind of workout, proper metabolic recovery, supplements and a change in mindset.

If you're ready to feel like yourself again,

The program is 6 weeks long

and starts January 10th.

It includes a focus on nutrition, effective workouts, mindset coaching, metabolism science and female hormone management, among many other topics that will create a life-long lifestyle change.

Registration is now open and will cap at 100 participants.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday!

Cheers, Ariane

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