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not motivated? give me one minute to change your mind...

Where are you with your goals you set this year? 

I find it interesting that so many people make their workouts dependent on whether they're motivated. And, in fact, that's where the issue lies.

Let me explain: 

As I checked in with a client last week,  she was remarking how easy it was for her to eat clean. She had lost a few pounds, her digestion was finally regular and her bloat had disappeared. She didn’t even feel tempted by any of her old trigger foods. When I asked her how her workouts were going she said: “Well, that’s a different story. I just haven’t been that motivated to work out.”

BOOM! The magic word: MOTIVATION.

I can’t tell you how often I hear this kind of answer. And, I have to admit, i’ve used this explanation myself in the past many times. I’m sure, you’ve used this yourself, haven’t you?

When my clients talk about not feeling motivated, it almost sounds like they are sitting on the couch and waiting for this grandiose spark of joy to overcome them that makes them go: “Oh my god, i get to work out! I can’t wait. This is the best part of my day!”

Instead we get into a debate with our own thoughts about whether we should or shouldn’t work out when we know exactly that we need to do it to see change.


The next time you find yourself in an argument with yourself about whether to work out or not, give me a minute to convince you that you don’t need to be motivated to work out.

Are you ready?

#1: I don’t feel like it today. Of course you can skip your workout, but is that going to make you really feel better? Is it going to change your body? Is it going to energize you? Is it making you feel accomplished mentally? Do you feel like NOT changing? Ok, so then there’s no alternative to working out, is there?

#2: I need the rest! If you really need the rest and show signs of stress, skip it. But, chances are a 5-minute mini workout will energize you and not stress you.

#3: I'm dreading putting on my workout clothes and the whole production: Think about how good you feel when you’re done. Don’t you love that sense of accomplishment when you finished something hard or challenging? Doesn’t it change the way you go about your day? Doesn’t it change how you feed your body and take care of yourself?

#4: I don't have energy today. Workouts are energizing. Isn’t your energy so much better AFTER a workout than before? If you want more energy, you need to move. Sitting around on the couch will drain your energy. Also, eating lots of food when you’re tired is only going to make you feel more sluggish. So, when you don’t have energy, the solution is to move!

#5: You don’t need to be motivated to do anything! Think about how many things you’ve done today without being motivated: brushed your teeth, went to work, cleaned the house, did the laundry, did grocery shopping… Some things we just have to do. Add ‘workouts’ from the 'optional' category to the 'must do' category. Stop asking yourself if you’re motivated or not. If we only did the things we are motivated to do, nothing would ever get done.

Nike had it right when they came up with the slogan: “Just do it”. You already know what you have to do to feel better, so let’s skip the mental debate and go right into action mode. Are you game?

As for my client, after our discussion, she sent me an email a few days later, asking me if it was too much to do the workouts every day. She was feeling the effects of the 6-minute workout, loved the short band workout routines and she was hooked. I love when my clients can get out of their own way.


I'm excited to announce the next ONLINE SLIM & STRONG PROGRAM is starting May 2, 2022

Join this powerful group of women who are investing 6 weeks into learning about fat loss nutrition, short and super-effective workouts and mindset matters, such as the one above to transform themselves. 

"I have to say that my mindset has changed bit time since I started the online program in June of 18. I was the heaviest I’ve ever been, out of shape, and couldn’t even run a mile. Since June I am down over 30 pounds and on Sunday I ran a half marathon!! The whole race I was so positive and each mile I complimented myself! A year ago i would have focused on how i should be running faster, how i could have trained harder, etc. It has made such a difference in my view and my ability to make this life change. So not only did I physically gain strength from this program but i gained confidence in myself that I can do anything! A MAJOR takeaway that I’m so grateful for! I still have a ways to go but I finally feel confident that I will get there and I’m capable of doing it! Thanks Ariane!"

Here's an update from one of my participants

5 months into the program.

Isn't this an incredible transformation?

THIS IS What You Can Expect...

"This program is the best investment I've made. I've paid for Class Pass, trainers, nutritionists and spinning, but I see now that I had no clue why I was choosing certain workouts or diets. You've been able to make sense of it all, so that I can choose the right approach based on my metabolism, stress level, sleep and goals. I actually understand my body's signs and signals now, can adapt my nutrition, workouts and supplements accordingly and see changes I never thought possible. I'm down 20 pounds 3 months after starting your program. The best thing is that I'm done yo-yoing, depriving myself and feeling like I hate my body for working against me. I'm so happy I found your program. Thanks so much for creating this and sharing your wisdom with us!"   ~ Kelly

"Ariane, I want to thank you again for offering this program. This year was life-changing for me, even before I found out about being pregnant. I had lost touch with who I am, and hated the body I was in, my career trajectory, my marriage was in bad shape. The first half of this year changed all of that, and I believe it also improved my mental health and mindset so that I could become pregnant, after a long, unsuccessful period of trying." - U. 


"I have to tell you, you changed my life. Nothing worked until I started doing your workouts. So I am thrilled and will keep using your workouts and do the video channel subscription, I travel everywhere and having your emails and videos on my phone is a life saver. I don’t want to go back to being overweight." - Elle

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